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Creator: André Hecker
Biography: Public Relations @innogames. Co-Founder @PodRiders. Worshipper of movies. Butler of cats. Opinions are my own.


runtime=1 hours, 12Minutes

writers=Jack Henry Robbins

Release date=2019

average ratings=7 / 10


Kerri Kenney, Thomas Lennon

Free cheese. Free chess. Free vhs pack. Hit like if u came here after watching the quake trailer. Free vhyes kickstarter. I watched this movie a few weeks ago and I loved it! The only downpart is that the lip sync and the words don't match up...


Me: I cant wait till this comes out... Reality: Came out over 3 years ago... 😐.


Ur t'd rn but kilt this vid matty❤️❤️.
I understood 11% of the words spoken in this trailer.

I watched this film today and wow it was hilarious. Just be aware of the accents lol. Bruh, this movie will attract more recruits than any video the USMC would release. Well, probably not as much as Hard Corps and the Fallujah moto video, but still, the corps will love it. Is this based on that short film from like the 90s about how mob mentality turned into nazi culture. Very nice indeed. Anyone think of: “Big sizzors little potty!”. This movie must take place in an alternate universe where there are no cameras on every corner. It looks sooo good.


Antes de lançarem o filme eu sabia que o cabelo dele ia ser uma adaptação um pouco mais realista,já que não ia ficar bem cabelo enrolado em animação. 28:32 - Enkel für Anfänger. I don't want anymore combat. If only everyone could FEEL and UNDERSTAND this statement, the world would be perfect. Free vhyes imdb. I didnt even know this came out. Endlich mal wieder Tino! Und Simo ist auch dabei, das freut mich. 0:53 what is this music? Its so good. Hmm, nice to see Guy Ritchie making a Guy Ritchie movie for a change. Eine bessere Besetzung ist schwer vorstellbar. 3. Free chess games. Free chess games against computer. Free chest binders. Free vhyeshwar. I understood only 11% percent of what he was saying. Well if its anything like the greasy strangler Ill love it. Free chess download. Free vhs filter.


I know Im not the only one who thought Tom Lennon was Uncle Jim from haters back off🤦🏾‍♀️. Ron Pals support Pals. always me yeah. i'll let that 'Homies help Homies Always reference. Free chess lessons. Free chess online. Ron is so Cute. Free cheesecake.




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