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/ Directed by: Elem Klimov / Rating: 47574 vote / Summary: During WWII, a Belarusian boy is thrust into the atrocities of war, fighting with a hopelessly unequipped Soviet resistance movement against ruthless German forces. Witnessing scenes of abject terror and surviving horrifying situations, he loses his innocence and then his mind / Olga Mironova, Vladas Bagdonas / runtime: 142minute.

Y do we hav to pay? 😩😩😩😭. The movie had parts that were very hard to watch, I kept thinking I was going to stop the film but I ended up sitting through the entire thing. It was incredible, the realism was unbelievable. I agree that everyone should see it, no one should ever forget that this actually happened and it could happen again. It was both real & surreal. It left me feeling kind of numb. Awesome movie. One of my favorites but did anybody else catch the error in the opening scene involving where Private Pyle? In 1:59, he is standing 3 people to the left of Joker. At 3:20, Pyle is standing 3 to the right of Joker.

Come and See is a bleak and violence look of the Second World War in the small nation of Belarussia in the USSR. It is a powerful, tough but rewarding watch.
The film focuses on Florya (Aleksei Kravchenko) a teenage boy, I guess around 16, who finds a Soviet rifle buried in his village. He is quickly recruited into the Soviet Partisans to join the fight against the Nazis. As the troops are about to leave their base in the forest Florya's commander decides to leave the young man behind. Florya befriends a young, but mad girl, Glasha (Olga Mironova) who was fancied by all the men in the base. Both head back to Florya's village but find that the whole population, including his family had been murdered by the Germans. Florya withdraws and joins a small platoon, leaving Glasha behind. After the platoon is killed Florya ends up in another village just in time for to the Nazis exterminate the population.
Come and See is a war film, but not in the traditional way. You don't see any set piece battles. The director, Elem Klimov, treats the film as an art house film, focusing on Florya's character, lost of innocent, and physical ageing. Many shots focuses on character faces and is shot in a grim style, a symbol of the war. The main theme of is the destruction and madness of war. It show how horrible the war on the Eastern front was, with massive civilian casualties. In historical terms the Germans scored a big own goal because the Soviet population hated Stalin and his regime. Their treated the Germans are liberators, but the Germans never used this public support and ended up killing a large proportion of the population. The character of Glasha to me represents the madness, but surprising incitement, of war. Compared to Florya who was innocent and looses it during the film. Their is also a religious subtext to the film. The title Come and See is a reference of 'The Apocalypse of John. During the film the Horsemen of the Apocalypse are referenced. The title could also mean seeing the apocalypse that the Nazis were causing. Finally whilst watching the film it sort of reminded me of the Medieval period, with the Partisan forces living in a forest in wooden shacks, the villages being medieval in style, with technology and the wooden houses, to the athorities the Nazis forced on the locals.
It is a powerful film about the madness of war. A must see.

This is a part of a movie. movie is called. Walk and Watch, 1985. Ahh yes. The perfect German army. All honorable and great. you tell yourself that you uneducated piece of ignorant shit. In Belarus burned out 628 villages With ALL HABITANTS - people were closed in sheds or churches and burned alive. For us ALL of IT is KNOWN on history of own families. 628 villages are 100.000 persons of ALIVE BURNED. Mainly are CHILDREN. For example: on March, 22, 1943 at 2 o'clock of day nazis burned out Khatyn, near Minsk: 149 persons (from them there are 75 CHILDREN. In Belarus EUROPEAN NAZIS after 1941-1944 killed 1,5 million Belaruss and + 700 thousand jewries. In the USSR only after 1941-45 27 million persons perished: from them soldiery with a weapon in hands are 10 millions, and 17 millions are the PEACEFUL habitants. And after all of it our soldiers of peaceful Germans did not TOUCH FINGER. Nobody there raped nobody. For it SHOT. it all is NAZI propaganda. Germans lay down under soldiers. About it front-line soldiers told. We are not Europeans-animals.

Youtube have beat quality of this movie. Did you not notice that the german zealot who said some races should not exist is basically saying the same things us politicans drone on and on about. Feed them? who said he fed them, there is extensive rail lines in siberia, and anyone who didn't wanna work might as well just walk out into the cold and die. maybe it's better than starving to death working at a labor camp.

This was one of the unique movies i have ever seen. I'm use to the Bruce Willis movies where Bruce kills 100 bad guys and goes into the sun and is the greatest police officer the world has ever seen. This movie should me the things that actually went on during the war, it's one thing to read about them in the newspaper or book, or hear them from somebody, but to actually witness the things they did to these people. It was inhumane i don't know how anyone could do these things to a animal yet along a human being, it's disgusting.
This movie made me feel so lucky that i wasn't born in the time it took place. I don't know what i would have done if i was the kid in the movie, everything he did was the right thing, if he would have changed anything he probably wouldn't be alive at the end of the movie, but after everything that is happen to him i don't think he is alive anymore. The worst part of the movie that made me extremely sad was when they gather all the people in the village and put them in the barn and then light them on fire. I know it was a movie but as i was watching it i had to think to myself this actually has happened and is happening some where right now and there's nothing we can do. They didn't even let the kids live, they were true animals.
Idi i smotri (1985) Full movie - Vidéo Dailymotion.
Neo-Nazis: The Nazis were defenders of the White European race! If it weren't for them losing WW2, Europe wouldn't be destroyed like it is today! Nazis: lead to the deaths of more Europeans than perhaps any group in history along with their communist enemies.
Let's hope that 2019 brings peace to the world as the Turks reanact this sequence with the Kurds.

@askjiir: Well, it is just a cheap Marxist propaganda flick and the actors probably did it for food so you dont need to do any violence to them and the director is dead for all I know. Plot: The feature film directed by Elem Klimov, shot in the genre of military drama. The action takes place on the territory of Belarus in 1943. In the center of the story is a Belarusian boy, who witnesses the horrors of the Nazi punitive action, turning from a cheerful teenager into a gray-haired old man for two days.

This may just be one of the greatest youtube videos I've ever watched. Congratz Lewis on such a fine work. I would quote this on an article easily. Kind of like my IEDs in Iraq, but no girl.


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