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Genres - Action, Comedy; directors - Drew Mylrea; ; Writed by - Lane Garrison; info - Spy Intervention is a movie starring Poppy Delevingne, Drew Van Acker, and Dave Sheridan. When the world's greatest spy meets the woman of his dreams, he abandons his adventurous existence and settles into the security of suburbia.

Download Free Spy intervention sociale. Download free spy intervention software. Dear new mutants. you are no longer new. Download Free Spy intervention. In my honest opinion. I think Paul Rudd should be in every movie, LITERALLY. He just makes them so much better. Download free spy intervention games. Chapter 3 of the Negotiations saga. This chapter ended up being significantly longer than I had originally intended. Rather than make a giant comment ladder, I decided to break it into chapters 3 and 4… each with their own bite sized comment ladders. I’ve had a lot of fun writing this story. Much of the story revolves around incomplete information and incorrect conclusions. I try to show the story from enough perspectives to show a clear picture of what is happening, even if none of the characters present are fully aware of the topics discussed. I’m doing my best to walk the fine line of disclosing enough to be readable, and hiding enough to be interesting. Let me know what you think! This work is an addition to the Jenkinsverse universe created by /u/Hambone3110. First Chapter - Previous Chapter 1y 11m 2w BV Silver Sailor, open space, just outside trade station 1356-56B, The Desolate Oasis en route to Gao Brrtklklk Nk’tntnrkk (Bart) What a mess he had brought himself into. While it was true that his intention had been to find a human, those beings just seemed to create disaster. Not a month ago he had been scouring the Sol system, dodging probes while looking for any human artifacts he could sell. In spite of only recently having grown their wings, the humans had already built enough orbital reconnaissance to make navigating unseen a challenge. Everything remotely interesting in the system was filled with observant orbiters or probes. He cleared that thought from his head. After the three of them (himself, the human Chuck Byse, and the Gaoian Hiron) had left the Desolate Oasis, both he and Hiron had returned their human weapons to Chuck. Hiron had said his claws were more than sufficient, Brrtklklk simply did not see the purpose in carrying something so primitive. He was not even quite sure why he had accepted the crude device. No, that simply was not true. He knew exactly why he had accepted it. Hunters were around and humans had beaten Hunters in the past. Just listen to the human, follow his cues, and his survival odds would be acceptable. Now, here he sat being pulled along by the monsters’ own ship, heading away from his shop on the Crimson Hamlet. Well, he had sought to be in the company of a human; This is simply the price he must pay for that privilege. His store could wait, as the poor traffic in his shop would not likely improve without Chuck’s help. Brrtklklk stood, pacing as well as could be expected on such a cramped ship. He shook his neck in frustration. Chuck had not been fond of his business strategy. Perhaps the human’s own ideas would be more suitable? His pacing stopped briefly, considering his next thought. No. The humans were simply too alien. Even as clever as Chuck was, there could be little hope for a beneficial relationship. Telling him that lying can build trust, impressions matter more than truth? Surely thinking like this could only lead to failure… right? Clouds of doubt flowed in his mind. Brrtklklk knew already what conclusion he could come to if he spent the time thinking it through. Alien or not, Chuck would be the one to bolster his venture. Chuck’s voice broke him out of his thoughts. “Hey Bart, are you OK over there? ” Brrtklklk cleared his head. “Yes… I have simply been reviewing our past conversations. ” “Oh? ” Brrtklklk cleared his throat. “I believe that it would be in our best interests to create a joint venture. ” Chuck laughed. “You told me your plan already. I’m not looking for that kind of work. ” “Yes, I know what we discussed, but we do not have to limit ourselves to that line of work. ” Somehow, Chuck took on an even more imposing stance. “Bart I would love to work with your business, but not as partners. I’ll stick with you for now, but I do not want to work retail, and I do not want keep you from doing what you love. ” He took a step back and seemed to shrink slightly. “I want my brand to be my own. For that I need to be the sole figurehead. I don’t want you to be a lesser partner in my business. I’ll build and you sell. How does that sound? ” “It… sounds fine. ” Brrtklklk stopped. “But how are you going to build anything? ” “Details, I’ll work that out later. ” Brrtklklk pondered a minute. “I have a few ideas. I shall discuss this with you once we return to my shop. ” “Selectively withholding information until I comply? I’m impressed. ” Chuck chuckled. “Nah, it’s only fair. I’m the one dragging you away from your shop. ” “Hiron is dragging both of us around. Not you. ” Brrtklklk countered. “Yes and no. This Whitecrest group seems powerful, and from what Hiron has said about his boss… well, this trip could prove useful. ” Brrtklklk was not convinced. “Can they actually help you? ” “We’ll see, won’t we? ” Chuck replied. The conversation died down. After a while Chuck pulled out his datapad and took a seat. Brrtklklk sat down as well, sighing. I suppose it would have been too much to ask to for the first human I met to enter into my employ. He did, however, still have at least a few strings to pull. Maybe things would not turn out so bad. 1y11m1w3d BV Hunter ship Chuck Chuck carefully crossed the gap between the two ships. Hiron had been spending a fair amount of time studying the Hunter vessel. After wandering the ship, Chuck eventually found Hiron in the engineering room. He called out to Hiron as he approached. “Hey, Hiron, Whitenet isn’t answering my question. ” Hiron turned to him. “We are no longer near an FTL relay. It will only be able to pull from the locally stored information until we regain access. ” Chuck responded. “I got answers to several other questions before that one. ” “You must have tried to access information with a non-confidential clearance level. Only public clearance level information is locally stored. ” “Those aren’t the same? ” “No” explained Hiron. “Public information is freely accessible. Non-confidential information is similar, but we track every device that accesses that information. That information inevitably becomes freely available eventually, obviously, but holding access to it close at hand helps with ‘audits. ’” Chuck stopped for a moment and followed Hiron’s gaze to a piece of equipment. “What is that? ” “I’m not sure. ” Hiron admitted. “I’m sure the cubs at home will love to find out. ” He chittered softly. “So, what was the question that you just had to know? ” Chuck glared at Hiron briefly. The past few days, Hiron had become more terse, easier agitated. He saw no obvious cause. The trip had been uneventful, relaxing even. Yet the Gaoian was struggling greatly with something. Was he still attempting to hide his clan affiliation from Bart? Perhaps that was why Hiron spent so much time on the Hunter vessel; less time around the others would mean less time spent carefully controlling his actions. If he was trying to preserve a cover, asking about it directly would only make things worse. Still, Chuck had to try something. “Tell me Hiron, what have I done to offend you. Why the hostility? We’re on the same side here, right? ” Hiron tilted his head. “I honestly have no idea. You are a hard being to get a read on. ” Well, that was suprising. Chuck could perform the diplomatic song and dance with the best of them, but hadn’t he had played nearly every interaction with Hiron straight? “It’s not that complicated. I want to talk to your boss. ” Hiron stared intently at Chuck for a moment, almost long enough to start getting uncomfortable. “I don’t understand you. Most beings would not look forward to an interrogation. ” “Interrogation? Are you claiming me as a prisoner? ” “No, nothing like that. You are free to decline the meeting if you wish… But, for my sake, I do hope that you attend. It’s just… Brother Thalias has a way of getting into your head. ” “Thalias. Your boss I assume? ” “Advisor, but yes. He has ways of making people talk. ” “Torture? ” Chuck asked, a slight tremor in his voice. “No… He just knows how to steer a conversation. He’s even better at it than I am! ” Chuck relaxed, relieved. “I’m sure I’ll be fine. ” Hiron perked an ear and glanced at Chuck out of the corner of his eye. “Right… So, what was the question you asked Whitenet? ” “Oh, nothing complicated, I merely asked it how many Whitecrest agents there are. ” Chuck spoke nonchalantly. Hiron nodded. “Between one thousand and one million. ” Chuck looked up. “Is that the best answer you are going to give me? ” “Yes. That information is highly classified. I don’t even know how large our clan is. The Fathers may be willing to narrow it down a bit more than that, but I doubt by very much. It does not pay to let your enemies know the size of your army. ” “What enemies? ” Hiron paused. “If I knew the answer to that, our entire clan would have to find a new purpose. ” They walked towards the bridge. Chuck broke the silence. “So, is classified another clearance level? ” “… Yes. Only a Father can authorize the release of ‘classified’ information to our contacts. ” Chuck prodded further. “Guy shows up with a briefcase and key? ” “Wha? No! They use the same secure channel as the rest of the information Whitenet prov... ” Hiron interrupted himself and flattened his ears against his head. “Everything else on the topic is need to know. And you don’t. ” Chuck shrugged, “Alright, alright. I’m not trying to get you in trouble here. Maybe this Thalias guy will be able to tell me more. ” Hiron responded cautiously. “ don’t get your hopes up. ” “Come on, let’s go watch a movie, I took Bart’s… advice and downloaded a few before we left the station. ” Hiron stared intently at Chuck for a moment, before followed him with a shrug. “Why not? I have nothing better to do. ” 1y 11m 1w BV Hunter ship, en-route to Gao Chuck Chuck woke up to the sound of alarms. After the first few days, he had started sleeping in the Hunter’s ship. It had started feeling cramped in Bart’s smaller vessel. Bart, of course, would not set foot on this ship, but Hiron had begun to curl up at his feet to sleep. So god damn adorable! Not today though, Hiron was nowhere to be seen. He yawned, stood up off his chosen couch/bed thing and walked into the hall. As he left the room, the couch exploded. Huh, that’s odd. Perhaps it was time to pay Hiron a visit. The ship shuddered as another explosion rocked it. As he approached the bridge, he heard Hiron yelling frantically. Hiron was holding a radio engaged in a lively debate with someone. “Cease fire! This is a captured vessel! Associate Hiron with two contacts on board. ” There was silence for several minutes. Then a voice came through the radio. “…Associate who? ” “Associate Hiron. Who else would it be returning from the Desolate Oasis? ” After another pause. The voice then spoke dryly. “I can think of several others. Why did you not contact us before you entered the system? What did you expect to happen to a hunter vessel approaching Gao? ” “I…” Hiron stood silent for a moment. Then he spoke more calmly. “Unregistered Hunter vessel requesting permission to approach Whitecrest Clan Enclave. ” “Permission granted. Use approach path 39B. …Sorry about the holes. ” With that the conversation ended. Hiron pulled out his datapad, and immediately Bart’s voice began frantically speaking through the device. “Why is my ship under assault! ” Hiron glanced between Chuck and datapad. “Oops? ” He said sheepishly. Bart continued in a monotone tirade, questioning Hiron’s honor and why he had let himself get into this mess. Hiron declined to respond… or even pay attention. Chuck shook his head. “I’m glad I decided to trade this ship in. It’s not all that helpful to have a ship that is shoot-on-sight. ” He glanced at Hiron. “You do still have a ship for me, right? ” Hiron sighed. “Of course. Changing the deal would be inappropriate. ” “Can this thing still land? ” “Yes, no critical systems were damaged. ” Chuck looked quizzically at Hiron. “I’m not even going to ask how that damaged nothing. Are we going to get shot at again? ” “No, we now have authorization to approach. ” Chuck shook his head. “I’m going to go and find somewhere quiet to study. ” He gestured to the radio. “It sounds like we are close enough to Gao for Whitenet to be back up. Let me know when we get there. ” As Chuck turned to leave, he heard Hiron assuring Bart that the misunderstanding had been resolved. He left to find some unbroken room to sit in. Several hours later Silver Sailor, near Gao Brrtklklk Even though Hiron had assured Brrtklklk that he would cover the repairs to his ship, it had still taken some time to calm his nerves. He was ‘not a turbine’ of being shot at, something that was happening far too often lately. The two smaller beings had joined him in the Silver Sailor for the descent. Hiron spoke rapidly, discussing the wonders that awaited them once they landed. They spent the last few minutes of the approach marveling at the sights. The view was incredible. Brrtklklk had never been to Wi Kao before. Serene greenery dotted with small homes, and in the distance, great elegant skyscrapers of bronze and glass. Even at this great distance, flora was clearly visible through the windows of those giant structures. Sure, back on Ckk'c' these buildings would seem rather primitive, but it had been so long since Brrtklklk had set foot on a forested world that he couldn’t help but feel… happy seeing the harmony of nature and technology. Hopefully, soon, the humans would find a way to bring this harmony to space. Brrtklklk’s mind stopped. Where had that thought come from? Why would he think that humans would be the ones to do this? It made no sense. Other species already had hydroponics utilizing plants for food and atmosphere. Yet something, subconsciously, assured him that, before long, humans would have the grandest gardens in space. He hoped his thoughts were right. Brrtklklk looked to his companions. Hiron wore a face of pride, and Chuck… well he was awed by the spectacle. Brrtklklk quietly chuckled. Technologically, the Gaoians were nearly half a millennium ahead of Earth, yet he was all but certain that humanity would trump anything this world had to offer in less than a century. The two vessels set down outside the Clanhouse. A pair of no-nonsense Gaoians approached them as the three of them exited the ship. Along a road to the south, he noticed that Gaoians were calmly walking, seemingly oblivious to the terrifying vessel that had just arrived. Brrtklklk had expected a more pronounced response to the presence of a hunter vessel; Perhaps the Gaoians feared the hunters as little as the humans did? The three of them were quickly ushered into a lobby of some sort. Soon, a Gaoaian entered the lobby to pull Hiron away. Chuck took a seat and sat back, studying his datapad. "Chuck, what do you plan on doing here? " Chuck set down his pad and smiled. "I'm not sure yet. I have a few questions I want answered, but for the most part I'm just going to play the room. " He pondered a moment. "Do you want me to get you a new ship? I'm sure they would be happy to oblige. " Brrtklklk thought for a moment. "No, I believe that I would rather avoid incurring a debt at this time. " Chuck nodded. "I'll probably try to grab another small one for myself then. It should be easier to park a shuttle than a larger craft. " Brrtklklk declined to discuss the nearly universal large docking points that would render a shuttle useless; There were much more important matters to discuss. It seemed that Chuck was quite close to pushing too hard. "Is it wise to ask so much from the Whitecrest? Would they not come to resent such treatment? " "Honestly, they would probably be suspicious if I failed to demand more. Besides, an organization as grand as this would surely have dozens of suitable craft that they don’t even have a use for. I’m sure the ship they offer to me will be quite a wonder to behold. " Chuck pondered. "Unless I am overestimating them. " He shook his head. "If I am, well, I would be quite disappointed. Hiron spoke rather highly of this Clan, it would be a shame to see him proven wrong. " He dropped his voice slightly and continued. "Bart, if you don't want me to get you a new ship, are there any upgrades you need for yours? " Brrtklklk tersely replied. "As I said, I do not want to incur debt that I am not sure can be repaid. I do not know how Whitecrest operates, I do not know what they would want in return. It is simply an unnecessary risk. " "Everything you asked is here in the datapad. " "Chuck, access to Whitenet is not something that is universal. Most beings do not have access to Whitecrest intelligence. " Chuck thought a moment. "I'll get you those upgrades anyways. My debt, not yours. " Brrtklklk studied Chuck. "Why would you do this for me? " "That's what friends are for. You are one of the few beings up here that has not yet tried to screw me over. " Chuck threw a few quick glances around the room. "Call it an investment into our friendship. Or just altruism, if you want. " Brrtklklk thought a moment. "Very well. I'll... " Chuck interrupted. "Great! I'll get them to look at your ship after our meeting. " Brrtklklk looked at Chuck questioningly, then shook his head and sat back down. Chuck went back to his datapad. A few minutes later, a Gaoian entered the room and approached Brrtklklk. "Hello sir, I am Assistant Quartermaster Sermil, I'll be performing the modifications to your ship. I've sent you a list of proposed upgrades. Please review and tell me if they are acceptable. " Sermil left before Brrtklklk had a chance to reply. Brrtklklk turned to Chuck. "How did you do that? " Chuck shrugged. "Whitecrest is an intelligence agency. I can not think of a reason for them not to be listening to us in this room. Hell, they are probably waiting for us to spill some dirty secrets before they pull us out to see them. " As if on cue, the door to the room opened again, and a trio of Gaoians entered. The one up front spoke. "Hello there Chuck, Brrtklklk. I see no reason to delay this any further. Chuck, if you would be so kind as to join me in my office? " "What about Bart here? " "Our discussion is between you and me. I'm sure you don't want anyone else snooping in on your business. " Chuck held his face still. "I'm sure you'll understand if I choose to bring Bart to the meeting as an advisor. I am still new to the politics of this area. I'd imagine you'll have your own advisors present in some form or another. " The Gaoian paused for a minute. He looked away and tapped an earpiece, speaking a few hushed words. After a moment he turned back to Chuck. Come. This way. " The three Gaoians led Chuck and Brrtklklk to a conference room. The lead Gaoian sat in a chair on one side of the table, while Chuck sat on the other. Brrtklklk noticed Hiron sitting away from the table, behind the Gaoian, off to one side. Brrtklklk took a seat next to Chuck. If Chuck wanted him as an advisor, it would be important that he follow the subtext of the conversation closely. The fact that this strategy almost perfectly mirrored his original plans was merely ‘sleeting on the cake’. The Gaoian turned and spoke to Chuck. "Trainee Hiron will be present to observe this discussion. I'm sure you understand the benefit of having an advisor present. " Brrtklklk studied the Gaoian carefully as he spoke. All he saw was a subtle twitch of an ear as it spoke that last request, too subtle for his implant to categorize. If Brrtklklk had been able to notice this… he turned to Chuck. Chuck glanced at his chair, before returning his gaze to the Gaoian and grunting slightly in amusement. "I assume that you are Thalias? " Thalias stopped. "Oh dear, I do believe I have failed to properly introduce myself. I am Brother Thalias of Whitecrest, lead of the Human Investigations Division. " Chuck replied with his own introduction, speaking in an overly boisterous voice. "And I am Chuck Byse, CEO of Wolf: Wilderness Explorer and Bysteel Craftworks. " Thalias raised his eyebrow. "I was not aware of that second company. " "All companies start small. I'm sure you'll have heard of it in a few months. " Thalias looked doubtful. "I'm sure. " He straightened himself in his chair and cleared his throat. "I invited you here today to discuss Hiron's performance at the Desolate Oasis. " Brrtklklk glanced at Chuck, expecting surprise, but all Chuck did was nod solemnly. Thalias continued. "By what means were you able to pierce Hiron's cover? " Chuck spoke. "What cover do you speak of? I count at least three separate secrets that he was hiding from me. " Thalias froze, stunned. "I will have to ask you to explain. " Chuck shrugged. "Let see. First, that he is a Whitecrest Operative. Second, that he is a trainee in an active training exercise and third, that he is desperate for knowledge of human psyche, through means of a big brother type information gathering system. " Thalias relaxed slightly, letting out a held breath before Chuck spoke again. "Based on what he said, now, mind you, this is merely speculation, but I'm guessing that you currently have 20 or so operatives on stations monitoring human activity, as well as another half a dozen operatives here at home on analysis. " Chuck paused and grinned before continuing. "I'm guessing your team is not very busy right now. You probably have not had much luck recruiting other humans into this program. " Thalias turned and glared at Hiron, while still speaking to Chuck. "How astute of you. " Hiron cowered in his chair. Thalias turned back to Chuck and continued. "All of this you derived from your conversation with Hiron? " "It's not that complicated. " "Hmm. Explain how you were able to determine Hiron was a Whitecrest agent. " Thalias paused before adding "Please? " Chuck nodded. "Firstly, he was pushing the sale of the Whitecrest device, claiming that it was the best available. Yet he had it hidden behind the counter. " "That could not be enough to go on. " "No, it is not, but it was certainly enough to arouse suspicion. Then he told me, in great detail, about how he had been approached by Whitecrest to sell this device. Add this to his repeated praise of Whitecrest with almost every sentence he spoke and... well he was not exactly subtle. " "I... see. " Thalias cleared his throat. "Chuck, you seem awfully open with your information. Hiron believes are a master of clandestine operations. Why are you not concealing more from us? " Chuck shrugged. "Why not? We both have information that could greatly benefit the other. There is no need for deception when we can do far more by building mutual trust. " "I'm not sure if we are quite there yet. " "Give it time. " Chuck sat back and grinned. "Speaking of which, Hiron and I had a rather interesting discussion on the topic of trust and information sharing. " Hiron's ears fell flat as Chuck said this. Brrtklklk glanced over to Chuck, seeing the slightest nod in Hiron's direction. "He told me that there are two types of information available on Whitenet, public and non-confidential. That got me thinking. " Chuck sat back. "Is there a third designation? Classified or something? " Hiron calmed back down and chittered quietly. Thalias stopped and blinked. He looked back at Hiron, who shrugged. Thalias put his finger to his ear and after a few seconds nodded. "Yes. " Chuck continued. "Whitenet told me that any Father can dispense Confidential information at will. So, Brother... friend. " Chuck interrupted himself after carefully decoding Hiron's frantic movements. "What do I have to do to gain access to that information? " Brrtklklk was confused. How had Thalias missed that? Chuck had claimed not to know about that ‘Confidential’ designation, then immediately described details of the system. It was almost as if Thallias had been too distracted to notice… Brrtklklk realized that he had only noticed because he had been focusing on this sort of subtle trickery. He focused his attention back to Thalias. "Confidential level information is strictly need to know. But I have been authorized to offer you an Oath of Secrecy. " "I'm listening. " "By signing this oath, you are commiting to a vow of secrecy over any information considered Confidential. Any dispersal of this information is considered an act of treason against the Gaoian people and will be dealt with accordingly. " "I see" stated Chuck. "Before I sign anything, I to wish to know a bit more about what you intend me to do. You would not be offering me the Whitenet service without good reason. What exactly do you get out of this? " Thalias glanced up to the corner of the room. After a few seconds he spoke. "About two and a half years ago, soon after the… incident involving one Mr. Jenkins, an observation platform was set up near the planet you call Saturn, connected to the Earth's Global Computer Network via relay stations on Lua. We were able to acquire a copy of the database storage for several linked data nodes. " Chuck thought for a moment. "The Internet. " Thalias tapped his earpiece, then nodded a few seconds later. " He continued. There are two categories of information we discovered. The first category was dominated by a node by the name of Wikipedia. The information present on that node regarding policy, economics and, to some extent, philosophy, is nothing short of incredible. It took the greater part of a year to collate and store that information within Whitenet. " He continued "Our current interest is in the second, much larger category of information. Information that is almost entirely contradictory. Most of it appears completely useless. Deciphering this code has eluded us for the vast majority of the content present. A node called Facebook leads this category. " Thalias shook his head and raised his voice. "Tens of billions of data sets from hundreds of millions of individuals and nearly all of it, complete gibberish. That is why we need you. We intend to study you, to learn your mannerisms and build a profile to compare to your search history. We want to see what secrets are stored within the coded messages. " Chuck laughed. "I guarantee, you will definitely be surprised by what you will eventually discover there. " Thalis tilted his head. "What soft of secrets do these nodes hold? " Chuck shook his head. "I don’t want to spoil it for you; It’ll be much more enlightening if you find out for yourself. But I will give you a hint. Some of the information out there is actually completely useless. That tip is on the house. " "House?... ” Thalias pondered for a moment before clearing his head. “Do you believe this exercise to be a waste of our time? " "No, but you should expect inconsistencies. The line between subjective and objective never is as clear as you would hope it to be. " An aide entered the room and handed Chuck a datapad. Brrtklklk spoke up. "Chuck, be careful with that, make sure you don't sign away your freedom. " Chuck chuckled. "Don't worry, I've read a few of these in my time. Besides, Thalias here has already promised to spy on me. " He scanned the document. "It seems well written, at least. " After a few more minutes spent browsing the document, Chuck spoke again. "Thalias, in order to avoid any confusion caused by cultural differences, I would like to confirm that this secrecy applies exclusively to information clearly demarcated Confidential, and would not apply to any other information provided. " "That is correct. ” Thalias glanced at Brrtklklk. “But I do humbly request that you do not heedlessly distribute non-public information. " Chuck nodded and signed the Oath. "I’ll keep that in mind. So what can you tell me? " Thalias threw another watchful eye at Brrtklklk. "Nothing today, this merely opens the door for later. " Chuck grunted. "I figured as much. ” He straightened and clasped his hands. “So about my ship. " Thalias nodded. That is quite a prize that Hiron brought me. He told me you played a significant role in its capture. Whitecrest will certainly honor the agreement that Hiron made with you, in good faith. " Thalias glared at Hiron, who promptly cowered in his seat. "The agreement based on the value of the hunter ship before it was filled with holes due to someone's negligence. " Thalias’ voice raised to a shout as he levied his complaint. "Sit up, it is not acceptable for a Whitecrest operative to cower in that manner. " He continued glaring for a moment longer before turning back to Chuck. "My apologies, where was I? Ah yes. Your ship. We are building a ship for you, based on the resale value of the hunter ship you captured. " "Resale? " "Yes, resale, we are not going to build you a 'priceless' or 'invaluable' ship. Deal with it. " Chuck cast a shrewd eye at Thalias with a familiar malicious grin. "Fair enough. " With business completed, Thalias and Chuck both took on a more relaxed stance. "The ship should be sufficient for light cargo, trade, diplomacy. " He turned to Hiron and grinned. "And it'll be fast. " Noticing Chuck's confused look, he shrugged and added. "We all have our weaknesses. I’m rather fond of power. I'm sure a human of all things would understand. " Chuck chuckled before continuing. "What about docking, how do I get in and out of the ship? " Brrtklklk recalled the awkward transfer between his and Zilroy's ship. Thalias was amused by this. "I’ve included one small shuttlecraft with your ship. In addition, our technicians have had some… ideas they have wanted to try for a while now. Your ship will be one-of-a-kind. "Will it also fit the Silver Sailor? " Thalias glanced again at the corner. ".. " Brrtklklk decided this was a good time to interject. "Speaking of which, I do not recall the refitting of my ship being part of the original agreement. " Thalias turned to Brrtklklk. "It was not. Do not worry Brrtklklk, consider this payment for returning Hiron to Gao. " Hiron was panicking behind Thalias. Thalias turned to Hiron and ‘stared stilettos’ at him until Hiron calmed down. “I did not know passage alone could possibly be sufficient to cover the costs associated with this overhaul. ” Thalias chittered. "You underestimate our capabilities. Our salvage yards contain scrap better than the systems in that ship. There is also the matter of damage inflicted on the vessel, due to negligence of one of our own. ” Thalias again stared at Hiron. “Besides, our recruits need the training on legacy systems. Do not concern yourself with the costs associated with that ship. " Thalias saw the concerned look on Brrtklklk’s face. "Don't worry, we are taking good care of it. We’re professionals here. " He cleared his throat. "Now then, there is one more matter that I wish to discuss. " He spoke inaudibly into his microphone. Shortly after, two Gaoians struggled through the door, carrying Chuck's pack between them. "Hiron informed me of your interaction with the Corti known as Zilroy. He is a ghost. We know very little about him, but we know enough to consider him dangerous. I strongly believe that the blade he gave to you mpromised. " Thalias turned to Hiron. "Go to the armory and retrieve a fusion weapon. Something big and heavy. " He turned his attention to Chuck. "Would you retrieve the weapon from your pack? I consider it poor practice to search a being’s possessions in front of them. " Chuck fished out the blade and set it on the table. Thalias spoke again. "Will you trade that blade? " Chuck appeared lost in thought, then spoke. "I suppose I have no reason to doubt your statement. Zilroy and I did not exactly part on the best of terms. What are you offering? " Thalias shrugged as he replied. "Whatever Hiron selects. " Hiron took that moment to return to the room, giant grin on his face, carrying a modernized bearded axe with an absolutely enormous head. He was struggling with the axe's weight. Thalias' jaw hit the floor. "THAT? Why would you?... Fine. Chuck, this is a magnesium-titanium fusion axe with a hardened dura-steel edge. " He paused for a moment. "I'm pretty sure this thing was built as a joke... No one can be strong enough to use it. " He stopped and looked at Chuck, then put his hand to his head. "Right... " Hiron chittered as he handed Chuck the axe. "Chuck, will you do our cubs in the lab a favor and show them how to use this tomorrow? I hear they have interesting training scenarios available. " Chuck turned the axe over in his hands, then turned it on, it’s keen edge glowing brightly. "I think I'll take you up on that trade. Your boys don't happen to have a scabbard to they? " He grinned menacingly as he pushed the fusion blade across the table. A few minutes later Conference room, Whitecrest Clan Enclave, Wi Kao, Gao Hiron After a final exchange of pleasantries, Chuck and Brrtklklk departed for the evening, leaving Hiron alone with Thalias. Thalias stared at Hiron for a time. Finally he, broke the silence. “Associate Hiron, this is an official review of your conduct and performance during the execution of your assignment. Do you understand? ” Hiron nodded. “Very well. ” Thalias continued. “Your assignment was to covertly make contact with any human passing through trade station 1356-56B, The Desolate Oasis and integrate them into Whitenet. ” He paused. “Instead, you immediately broke cover, acquired a human’s assistance, defeating a small Brood transport’s worth of hunters and delivered the human and hunter vessel here… Does that sound about right? ” Hiron nodded, with a look of defeat. Thalias paused for effect. “Before we go any further, do you have anything you wish to say in defense? ” Hiron thought carefully. This was arguably the most important part of any review. It was his chance to describe the extra difficulties that inevitably befell any mission. However, any topics he mentioned at this point would, too, be added to his assignment review and scrutinized. “I… maintained the cover of Clanless with the Rrrrtk until our conversation in this room. I maintained professionalism throughout the assignment. I protected an asset from harm under extreme adversary. I…” He stopped, deciding that adding anything else was counterproductive. “Nothing else to add. ” “Let’s start there, then. Maintaining cover with the Rrrrtk. Unsatisfactory. ” Hiron’s ears perked up in surprise. “Any cover that you had in place with regards to Brrtklklk was no longer present at the start of our conversation today. He showed no surprise at the mention of your position. Your inability to recognize that failing is not satisfactory. “ Hiron’s ears drooped again in remorse. “Point two… While you did succeed at maintaining a professional front, it was merely that, a front. Anyone watching would clearly be able to see that you were trying to be professional. This is not the same as being professional. When on assignment, particularly covert missions, it is essential that you behave as one would expect in your given position. ” Thalias adjusted himself. “As you were attempting to maintain two different covers with two different individuals in the same room, I will give you credit for your efforts to maintain both simultaneously, and demerit for allowing yourself to enter a position where such behavior was necessary. ” Thalias started to speak again, but interrupted himself. “.. will return to this topic later. ” “Point three… I want clarification here. Protecting the contact would also mean protecting yourself. Why do you feel this topic deserves additional consideration? ” Hiron relaxed slightly. He was rather proud of his actions that day. “We were sitting in an idle vessel at the time. The Hunters were not likely to stay long enough to directly threaten us. The contact decided to engage the Hunters directly. With the distraction he provided, there was a reasonable chance that I would have had no contact with the Hunters. I decided, rather than hide and leave the contact to his fate, that I would protect the contact. I feel that this decision is far outside the scope of my original assignment. ” Hiron paused, and suppressed a grin. “I also counted six separate instances where Chuck would have perished, had it not been for my intervention. ” “You allowed the human to lead the assault? ” “I did not have the necessary equipment to lead anything. If I hadn’t brought the rifle, suit and extra shield... ” Thalias raised an ear. “Your decision to augment your assigned equipment does seem to have helped you. ” Hiron grinned. “Do you feel that the three points mentioned received sufficient consideration? Just a little more… “I would like to point out the results of my decision regarding point three. If I had strictly followed orders, the Hunter attack may have gone… rather differently. ” Thalias replied. “Noted. I should also note that adapting to the situation at hand is not considered above and beyond for an Officer of Whitecrest. ” Hiron’s ears perked up. Thalias glared at him. “Do not get ahead of yourself. ” Hiron deflated, and soon after, Thalias calmed his gaze. Thalias cleared his throat. “Assignment parameter one: make contact with any human entering your assigned station: satisfactory. Assignment parameter two: Engage human contact and encourage them to connect to Whitenet: satisfactory. Assignment parameter three: Maintain cover as Clanless:” Hiron ears flattened, dreading the result. “Neutral. Addendum parameter: Engage and join the human in his travels: satisfactory. Secondary Addendum parameter: Return human to Gao: satisfactory. ” That went… quite well, considering. Thalias quickly continued. “That does not end this review. There are several other points I wish to stress. Firstly, I want to address the question of salvage. Soon after the capture of the Hunter vessel, you registered it as fifty-fifty joint ownership between yourself and the human. Why? ” Hiron shifted uncomfortably. “Anything less than fifty percent and I would have had no leverage to bring the vessel home. ” “Hmm… And how did you convince the human to allow that? ” “I… didn’t. Chuck did not have knowledge of what I did. ” “Why did you give him half ownership? ” “It was his capture. ” “You fought for it too. You could have easily taken ownership of it and no one would have perked an ear. ” “That… would not have been right. Chuck did not understand salvage law. It does not feel right taking advantage of such a situation. ” Thallias nodded. “Exemplary. Though I feel there were… ulterior motives, that level of honor speaks highly of your character. ” “... Ulterior motives? ” “Yes… Tell me, Hiron, how would you classify your relationship with your two contacts? ” Hiron thought on this. “I try to maintain a professional operative-contact relationship. ” Continued in comments.

Download free spy intervention apps. Hello friends. The following is a basic guide to who Julian Assange is and why so many are concerned about his current status – that being whether he is alive or whether he has been captured or killed. I was trying to find a summary that I could use to share with friends who were not versed in what was going on with Mr. Assange or even why they should care. So I decided to make this myself. I am focusing here on the basic facts of this situation. Looking at this information should raise serious doubts about the official story. The official story is that Julian Assange is currently alive and safely residing at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. If you find this post helpful please share it with anyone you can think of that might have an open ear. This is ALL ABOUT RAISING AWARENESS. Simply raising the profile of this issue just might be enough to force it to break because the official story is so thin. The only thing we are asking for is PROOF OF LIFE for Mr. Assange. That should be very easy to gain if Julian is at the embassy and willing to give it. This primer will be broken up into the following sections. If you are already somewhat familiar with the situation please go ahead and jump to whatever section interests you. A Brief History of Wikileaks Why is Julian Assange trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London? What are the Insurance Files? What is a Dead Man’s Switch? DNC and Podesta Email Leaks What Happened on October 16th? PROOF OF LIFE Why is Wikileaks no longer using PGP signatures? What can we do? I have left out A LOT of information. Please supplement anything you can think of in the comments. I have tried to stay away from most of the more speculative information and theories, many of which I find persuasive, because I believe there is enough information right on the surface to raise the need for a PROOF OF LIFE. But once again, I encourage you to share all relevant information in the comments. 1. A Brief History of Wikileaks Wikileaks is an international non-profit organization, founded and directed by Julian Assange, which publishes leaked information, including the private communications and classified documents of governments and corporations. Here’s the Wikipedia link. Many believe the work of Wikileaks to be a public service because it exposes the inner workings of powerful groups that would otherwise be inaccessible to the public. Predictably the powerful entities that suffer these leaks do not tend to hold such a high opinion of Wikileaks. Either way it is indisputable that the organization has broken many major news stories. As of today (November 22nd, 2016) not a single document published by Wikileaks has ever been proven to be fake. Wikileaks states its purpose as follows: “Our goal is to bring important news and information to the public. ” It does so by using “original source material. ” Personally, regarding the goal of the organization, I found this Wired article interesting. Here’s a list of some of Wikileaks most important leaks with links to their corresponding Wikipedia articles. This list is not nearly exhaustive. Afghanistan War Documents Iraq War Documents United States Diplomatic Cables Guantanamo Bay Files Stratfor Emails Syria Files Democratic National Committee Emails Podesta Emails A large amount of the most important leaks ever published by Wikileaks have focused on the United States government. Recently the DNC emails and the Podesta emails were a source of considerable difficulty for the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Party, and Hillary Clinton’s Campaign for the US presidency. It is worth noting that the enemies Julian Assange has made this way are very powerful people and organizations. 2. Why is Julian Assange Trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London? From the Wikipedia article: “Following the 2010 leaks, the United States government launched a criminal investigation into WikiLeaks and asked allied nations for assistance. [4] In November 2010, a request was made for Assange's extradition to Sweden, where he had been questioned months earlier over allegations of sexual assault and rape. [5] Assange continued to deny the allegations after the case was re-opened, and expressed concern that he would be extradited from Sweden to the United States due to his perceived role in publishing secret American documents. [6][7] Assange surrendered himself to UK police on 7 December 2010 and was held for ten days in solitary confinement before being released on bail. After exhausting his legal options in the United Kingdom, Assange sought and was granted asylum by Ecuador in August 2012. Assange has since remained in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, and is unable to leave without being arrested for breaching his bail conditions. [8] The United Nations' Working Group on Arbitrary Detention found, by a majority, that he has been "arbitrarily detained" and that his detention should be brought to an end;[9] UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond rejected the working group's opinion and called Assange a fugitive from justice. ” It is believed by supporters of Assange that the Swedish investigation was a ploy to get Assange out into the open and make him vulnerable to extradition by the US. The US has maintained an openly adversarial relationship with him. 3. What are the Insurance Files? What is a Dead Man’s Switch? Starting in 2010 Wikileaks began releasing so-called “Insurance” files. These encrypted files presumably these are files that contain such damning/embarrassing information for those who are interested in stopping wikileaks that it prevents them from taking action. The encryption makes it impossible for anyone to access the information within the links without the correct key. The following links will take you to the respective insurance files. Insurance October 19, 2010 Insurance February 22, 2012 Insurance August 17, 2013 Insurance June 3, 2016 PLEASE NOTE: There is, due to recent events, some concern about the legitimacy of these files. But there is no proof that they have been compromised or altered. There is however some discussion that I do not fully understand about something called “pre-commitment hashes. ” Look at this reddit thread for more information. Anyhow, now that these files have been widely distributed (thousands of people have downloaded these files all over the world) the stage is set for Julian’s “Dead Man’s Switch. ” The idea is that if somehow Assange or Wikileaks becomes compromised the Dead Man’s Switch will automatically be triggered releasing the key so the files can become public. Clearly, any enemy of Mr. Assange would be highly motivated to figuring out a way to deactivate or otherwise mitigate the triggering of the DMS. 4. DNC & Podesta Email Leaks Even if you’ve been living under a rock you’ve no doubt heard about the release of these emails by Wikileaks and the effect they have had on the 2016 US elections. The release of the DNC emails showed undeniable favoritism played by the DNC for Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders during the primary elections. The Podesta emails (John Podesta was the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and an extremely influential political operative. ) revealed a wide range of unsavory behaviors about the Hillary Clinton, not least of which was her apparent use of her position as Secretary of State to facilitate a pay-to-play and quid-pro-quo system of peddling political influence for donations to the Clinton Foundation. There is FAR too much in those leaks to bother trying to summarize them here. It is not easy to say how much damage these leaks did to Hillary’s campaign for presidency overall but the wreckage that they created within the DNC and to Hillary’s reputation are fairly obvious. But whatever had been revealed already, the real threat to Hillary (and anyone potentially on the business end of these leaks) was not what had already been leaked but what seemed to be coming. Wikileaks appeared to be ramping up towards even larger revelations. This takes us to the EVENTS SURROUNDING OCTOBER 16th, 2016. 5. What happened on October 16th, 2016? On October 15th Wikileaks releases full transcripts of Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches. Wikileaks themselves refer to the transcripts as a “holy grail” of American journalism. It might not be relevant but worth mentioning because of the timing. The next day On October 16th, Wikileaks released three cryptic tweets that read as follows: “pre-commitment 1: John Kerry 4bb96075acadc3d80b5ac872874c3037a386f4f595fe99e687439aabd0219809” link “pre-commitment 2: Ecuador eae5c9b064ed649ba468f0800abf8b56ae5cfe355b93b1ce90a1b92a48a9ab72” link “pre-commitment 3: UK FCO f33a6de5c627e3270ed3e02f62cd0c857467a780cf6123d2172d80d02a072f74” link It is not clear what the intention was behind these tweets but speculation was immediately rampant. At first people wondered if these were keys to insurance files. They were not. It was also wondered if this was Wikileaks method of somehow flipping the dead man’s switch. While that remains unclear there is nothing available to confirm that the switch has been flipped. What does seem clear is that these pre-commitment hashes were meant as some sort of reaction (or apparent reaction) to the revelation that was about to follow. Wikileaks then tweeted this: “Julian Assange's internet link has been intentionally severed by a state party. We have activated the appropriate contingency plans. ” Link This came as a huge shock to those following Wikileaks. It is not at all clear at this point what their contingency plan is. Perhaps their contingency plan is in effect and everything is going swimmingly. We have no apparent way of knowing. But as we shall see there are reasons to be concerned that not all is within the organization and perhaps with Julian Assange himself. On October 17th Wikileaks tweets a link that the FBI file on Hillary has been updated with 100 pages of previously unreleased information. I’m not going to speculate, but it’s curious and not often mentioned in these threads so I thought I’d mention it. Link On October 17th Wikileaks tweets the following: “We can confirm Ecuador cut off Assange's internet access Saturday, 5pm GMT, shortly after publication of Clinton's Goldman Sachs speechs. ” Link On October 17th Wikileaks retweets Fox & Friends coverage that of Wikileaks’ claim that someone is trying to silence Julian Assange. Link On October 18th Ecuador acknowledged that it had intentionally severed Mr. Assange’s internet connection stating that it “respects the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other states. ” This was confirmed by many news agencies. Here is NPR’s article. This is generally understood to mean that Ecuador wanted to avoid any responsibility for abetting Mr. Assange's possible effect on the US presidential election. On October 18th Wikileaks claims that John Kerry was involved in pressuring Ecuador to cut off Mr. Assange’s internet access saying: “BREAKING: Multiple US sources tell us John Kerry asked Ecuador to stop Assange from publishing Clinton docs during FARC peace negotiations. ” Link This tweet was immediately followed by another with the claim that Kerry held this private meeting with Ecuador on September 26th in Colombia. Suggesting that, if Wikileaks is correct, the plan to cut off Assange’s internet had been in the works for some time. “The John Kerry private meeting with Ecuador was made on the sidelines of the negotiations which took place pricipally on Sep 26 in Colombia. ” Link On October 18th in a bizarre and largely forgotten twist Wikileaks suddenly starts to defend Mr. Assange from what was apparently (allegedly? ) an attempt to frame him as a pedophile and receiving one million $$ from Russia for being a spy. Here is the text from one of these tweets and links to the rest: “RELEASE: Full docs and investigation into the plot to frame Assange as a paedophile & Russian spy #PedoPlot Link-1 Link-2 Link-3 Link-4 There’s a bunch of this stuff. I don’t know what to make of it so that’s all I’m going to post. Maybe someone here can dive deeper into it. On October 20th wikileaks posts an inflammatory tweet claiming that the US presidential elections are a sham. What is possibly most noteworthy about this tweet is how uncharacteristic it is in tone compared to most Wikileaks tweets: “There is no US election. There is power consolidation. Rigged primary, rigged media and rigged 'pied piper' candidate drive consolidation. ” Link On October 21st the largest scale DDOS attacks in history wipe out large sections of the US internet. See the Guardian article here. On October 21st Wikileaks claims that their supporters are responsible for the attack. It is a claim with nothing to back it up which is once again out of character for Wikileaks. Even if the DDOS attack was conducted by their supporters (which we have no reason to believe) it is unclear what those supporters would have been thinking or what Wikileaks would have to gain by associating with them. “Mr. Assange is still alive and WikiLeaks is still publishing. We ask supporters to stop taking down the US internet. You proved your point. ” Link Perhaps even more curious is Wikileaks stating that Mr. Assange is still alive. What provoked that response? Perhaps people had already started hounding them for a proof of life. On October 21st Wikileaks tweeted the following: “The Obama administration should not have attempted to misuse its instruments of state to stop criticism of its ruling party candidate. ” Link This tweet is likely referring to John Kerry’s alleged involvement in pressuring Ecuador to cut off Mr. Assange’s internet access, then again it could refer to any number of things. While Wikileaks displeasure with the Obama administration is quite possibly justified this tweet is another example of a statement that is out of sync with the tone and methods that we have come to expect from Wikileaks. Typically Wikileaks speaks from a place of proof not mere accusations. On October 21st Wikileaks tweeted a very ominous, paranoia inducing tweet: “PHOTO: Heavily armed 'police' appear outside Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Julian Assange has political asylum (photo, Tuesday morning)” Link This tweet is accompanied by a photo of what appears to be a man in a car clutching a serious-looking firearm, possibly military. At this point those of us following this situation were generally just freaking out. Certainly once I saw the picture of that gun I began wondering, naturally, if Mr. Assange was safe. On October 21st Wikileaks tweeted the following: “A bloody year for WikiLeaks. John Jones QC, Wikileaks U. N lawyer, died April 16th, 2016 Michael Ratner, Wikileaks chief counsel, died May 11th, 2016 Prof. Gavin Mcfadyen, Wikileaks director, died October 23rd 20” Link I’m just noticing now that their tweet states that Mcfadyen died on Oct. 23 when the tweet came out on Oct. 22…. Weird. Maybe it’s a time zone thing? At any rate the implications of this tweet and the word “bloody” are obvious. They are suggesting that people in their organization are being murdered. I’m not going to spend any time on that possibility right now. My point is that any rational person after these tumultuous events and alarming tweets would want to be sure that Mr. Assange was alive and well and still in control of the organization. Which brings us to PROOF OF LIFE. 6. PROOF OF LIFE This is the simplest and most important part of the entire situation. Ever since Mr. Assange’s internet was cut off we have seen ABSOLUTELY NO DEFINITIVE PROOF OF LIFE. What is particularly glaring is how simple it could be. Mr. Assange could appear at the window of his room in the embassy as he has many times before. And despite the fact that his internet has been cut off there is no reason someone could not take photos and/or video of Mr. Assange that prove that he is alive and well in the embassy and deliver those to the public. This issue is already doing a lot to undermine the credibility of Wikileaks which one would assume Mr. Assange would be interested in preserving. Why then would he not make the effort to assure the world of his safety? On October 23rd Wikileaks acknowledged the widespread demand for a proof of life by offering a poll to determine what would be people’s preferred method: “Thousands keep demanding Assange proof of life. Not unreasonable. He's in a tough spot and is WikiLeaks best known validator. Preference? ” Link As you can see by checking the link, the results of the poll were as follows: Picture -%8 Video -%51 Statement by his lawyers -%6 Appearance at window -%35 So why, then, having acknowledged the need for a proof of life, have they failed to provide one? On October 26th it was claimed that Mr. Assange was conducting a teleconference with “Conferencia Internacional de Software Libre Umet. ” I have no idea what that is, but I listened to some of it and it was difficult to hear and not at all convincing. Check out this thread on r/wikileaks and decide for yourself. Certainly there would be far more practical ways of providing proof of life that are convincing and definitive. On November 5th RT published a video interview of Assange from within his room at the embassy. The interview was conducted by John Pilger. You can find it here. I was thoroughly relieved to see this footage, although still thoroughly confused about why it had taken so long and why Wikileaks was behaving so irregularly. However my fears quickly returned. It soon became evident that the video was edited in such a way that raised legitimate questions. To be fair, they are somewhat paranoid questions, but if you are not paranoid in this situation, when should you be? We cannot, for example, be sure when it was filmed. Furthermore, neither men appear in the same shot together. The questions and responses are edited together in such a way that there leaves room for doubt about the continuity of the question and the answer. And they never talk about anything Mr. Assange wouldn't have known before the internet was cut. As seen in this tweet here, John Pilger certainly attests that he was interviewing Assange in the embassy on October 30th. However this video shows what I believe to be damning evidence that the footage of the interview was manipulated. The most convincing evidence is around fifty seconds in. (Unless this video is itself a hoax. ) As unlikely as it seems that John Pilger would participate in a hoax this elaborate we must continuously ask ourselves why they do not simply provide a simple PROOF OF LIFE. Which, really, is more unreasonable? Finally on this point (although there are plenty of other valid reasons to believe Mr. Assange is likely not alive and well in the embassy) consider this tweet from the Wikileaks Task Force just yesterday: “Many ask for #ProofOfLife for #Assange. Thank you--but it is not possible to give strong meaningful proof (live internet video) presently. ” Link Well okay then Wikileaks Task Force. First of all, I notice that you are not even mentioning the Pilger interview. But okay, that aside, maybe a live video stream from within the embassy would be great. But can you at least TRY to get us something in the meantime? A wave from the window? A picture of him? How about a two minute video of him discussing everyone’s desire to see proof of life and his opinion on that subject? At what point does the refusal to provide such a basic (if imperfect) gesture begin to look more like proof that he is not actually in that embassy or, if he is, in any condition to speak? 7. Why is Wikileaks no longer using PGP signatures? What is PGP encryption? Why does it matter? PGP stands for Pretty-Good-Privacy and it is a method for encrypting information and receiving encrypted information. Wikileaks used (until very recently) this method to receive leaks from sources in a way that was anonymous, secure, and assured the leaker that the information was ending up in the right hands. Please check here and here for information on how PGP encryption works. (PLEASE NOTE THAT SECOND LINK POPPED A WARNING ON MY COMPUTER, I THINK IT’S FINE BUT SKIP IF YOU’RE CONCERNED). Basically it works as follows. The person receiving the secret information generates a private encryption key that only they know. They only generate one of these. Then they are at liberty to create any number of public keys that will encrypt information that can only be decrypted by the private key. So people use the public key, which is constantly being regenerated and posted on a regular basis, to send encrypted information to Wikileaks, which alone holds the private key to decrypt. The truth is that I don’t really understand how all of this works, that’s the best I can understand it so far. Please feel free to improve upon my description in the comments. The point is that shortly after Julian Assange’s internet was cut off on October 16th Wikileaks stopped providing public PGP signatures with their press releases. This is more than a little odd. After all, if Wikileaks was compromised, and the currently running it did not possess the private PGP key, they would have no use for people sending in documents encrypted with a public PGP key. In fact Wikileaks is now requesting that people do not send leaks encrypted with PGP although they offer no alternative. They only state the following ( go see for yourself): “Do not use PGP to contact us. We have found that people use it in a dangerous manner. Further one of the Wikileaks key on several key servers is FAKE. ” Perhaps they are acting out of good faith, but this is very vague and very little information to go on without providing even a hint of how to contact them otherwise. Amidst the rest of the concerns currently surrounding Assange and Wikileaks this change in policy is unsettling to say the least. 8. What can we do? I have heard plenty of good ideas on this subject and the simplest and most important thing we can do is shout it from the roof tops. Tell everyone and let’s do our best to present our research in a way that is useful and accessible. Raise your concerns on Facebook. Talk to journalists on twitter, by email, and over the phone. I know this subreddit has recently tried to organize gatherings outside the embassy. I think this is a FANTASTIC IDEA. If we can get pictures of people standing right outside of Mr. Assange’s window holding signs that say “WHERE IS JULIAN? ” I think the optics of that will make the absurdity of the situation undeniable. Let me know what you think. If I’ve made mistakes, missed anything important, anything. Most importantly, KEEP FIGHTING FRIENDS!!!

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Download free spy intervention center. Download Free Spy intervention lors. Download free spy intervention youtube. Download Free Spy intervention de jean. Download Free Spy intervention sur le site. How big do you expect this event to be We have had representatives from more than 75 cities in contact with us. As of this morning, there are 19 cities whose Facebook event page has 50+ RSVPs, and eight whose page has 100+ RSVPs (Dallas, D. C., NYC, Tampa, Chicago, San Francisco, Buffalo, San Diego). what are some of the things which are holding it back from being larger? Hopefully numbers will increase considerably these two days as national press coverage is picking up. That also doesn't include people who don't use Facebook which as you can imagine includes a lot of our crowd. Even if your local chapter seems low activity or no activity or non-existent, we recommend just downloading our literature and getting yourself and a few friends together to pass out material at whatever location and time advertised, or wherever 4th of July event are taking place. Even if no one shows up but you, you'd have made a difference. At the end of the day it's about getting the message out not getting fancy photos of large crowds. Well get enough of photos like that from Dallas, DC, and NYC, don't worry. We could have gotten a lot more promotion and sooner if we had been better organized sooner. And gotten the advice needed for local promotion out to the local organizers a lot sooner (they didn't get it until mid last week). But I know our whole team is working hard and that our local organizers are working even harder. Being grassroots and volunteer and online and working to a short deadline - less than a month between the 4th and when this was first being put together by then-anonymous college-aged strangers - puts up a lot of obstacles but we're willing to deal with whatever we have to in order to get this done and our ability to self-organize has increased considerably, and that's a big part of why we've gotten so much large scale promotion together in these critical last few days. Edit Of course, you can help us promote by donating to the online advertisement blitz we're sitting up for tomorrow! It also seems like the idea of attending a protest is unappealing to a lot of they perceive it to be huge. Sad but true. This is one of the reasons we encourage local organizations to make it as fun and hospitable as possible. Some of them are bringing free food and drinks to give to people. One criticism we've gotten about the date is that we'd be "competing" with the celebrations. But we aren't' competing with them. We are integrated with them. The 4th of July is already about what we're protesting. What better time to fight for your rights or inform others of the need to than when you're already celebrating the ones you have? Many are going to be nearby and concurrent with local 4th of July festivities. Local organizers can use that very relevant type of event to provide people more information. Our National Coordinator sells fireworks for a living... that's how damn connected to the 4th of July this is. Do you expect this will have any real-world impact, or do you think this will end up being mocked like the other two "major" grassroots movements, Occupy and the Tea Party? Our purpose isn't to protest. Instead, our rallies/protests are to gain support and visibility for our goals. Making the Fourth Amendment a "Hot Button Issue" come election time is well within the realm of possibility. The hope is to make any opposition to the idea of privacy "Political Suicide" We represent everyone. While Occupy and the Tea party mostly contained specific sides of the political spectrum, we encompass the entire map of it. We are already being mocked in some places and will continue to be. That's a given. Anything with sufficient visibility will be mocked by someone. The question is whether being mocked becomes the dominant narrative. I think we can prevent that. I wouldn't treat it as a given that Occupy and the Tea Party accomplished nothing, even if the results were disappointing. Even in so far as they were ineffective, they've helped just by being an example for us, helping us learn about what works and what doesn't. One way we think we will have more impact is that we are a genuinely non-partisan movement focusing on one critical issue, and that will allow us to build up a broader range of support. Even if we aren't as visible as either of those groups yet (we're working on that) we are already far more diverse. Despite what many within each claimed, Occupy was generally perceived as a left-wing movement and the Tea Party as a right-wing movement. Republicans were never gonna join Occupy and Democrats were never going to join the Tea Party. Associating yourself with either came with a ton of baggage, socially and otherwise. Rt4, by contrast, isn't here to talk about who should be able to get married or what the tax rate should be or even what countries the US should invade if any. We just think the US government should abide by the constitution - meaning not spying on its citizens without a warrant or probable cause - and even more importantly in my opinion, that federal agencies shouldn't lie to Congress about their ongoing programs, which the NSA has been doing continuously for more than a decade. Another way we think we will have more impact is by (hopefully) setting up not just protests but a long-term infrastructure to take part in legal action, political lobbying, and the like. But first we need to promote the issue itself. Occupy claimed to represent the entire spectrum as well Right, but it didn't. It was, in my opinion, based on an economic doctrine most Americans - for better or worse - disagreed with. it was tailored to the interests of the vast majority of people It was tailored to what OWS thought was in their interests but not what all of those people necessarily did. just happened to be heavily comprised of lefties. I imagine that wasn't their intention, but when it works out that way, you need to rethink your efforts to be non-partisan. Our support has been more diverse and because we are so focused on keeping it that way and are single-issue and what we're defending (the 4th amendment) is widely popular, we believe we will be able to keep it diverse. It is genuinely diverse. That's not just a slogan. We have gotten support and have worked with liberal groups, conservative groups, and libertarian groups alike. Some local protests are being hosted by the local OWS chapter. Others are being hosted by a local conservative group. the message is clear, concise, and easily understood/replicated We are tackling this by using the actual text of the Fourth Amendment as our position. Are you guys expecting a pretty big turnout in McPherson Square? I know that I am attending with a friend of mine, but I hope it's not low attendance! So far, on the FB event, I have 321 Yeses and 162 maybes. I expect about half that to show up. That is 483 people, so if half show up that's around 241 people. Also, it's a holiday, people may decide not to show at the last minute, so we could be expecting 100-150 people or so. I am hoping for more! Across the board? Because honestly, there has been a lot of circle-jerking going on in this sub. I just have a feeling (which I hope doesn't come true) that members will try and tie other, more polarizing, issues to this. That's all. I'm surprised you say the subreddit has had a lot of circlejerking because there has acually been a lot of internal division. In fact, it's been a major obstacle to organization (which we've overcome, though belatedly). This is what happens when you have such a diverse group but we have worked through it. I definitely think you are right that we need to hyper-conscientious about polarization, though. The threat is there. We're going to do our best to remain both united and diverse. It's hard but I think we can do it, and we have strategies in mind for doing it, some of which I've elaborated on in this thread. Do Buffalo buffalo actually buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo? Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo. But sometimes they don't. In other words, "New York bison that other New York bison bully, bully New York bison that New York bison (that New York bison bully) bully. " But sometimes they don't. If these programs have been approved by courts how are they unconstitutional? The court system doesn't (and couldn't) pre-approve every particular thing the government does. While there are certain license-granting documents they provide (like warrants) in many cases it makes agencies, and lawmakers, accountable only when the case is brought up after. The PRISM scandal hasn't been fully accounted for by the justice system because it was secret. What court approval it did have was from secret courts, which is a whole issue in and of itself. The judicial branch of the federal government is only just beginning to truly address this PRISM issue and that is something the ACLU is working on now. We look forward to seeing the results. Additionally, while the rule of law and the balance of powers requires such discretion about how the constitution is applied to ultimately be up to the courts, that doesn't make every court decision right. The Supreme Court has made decisions endorsing the constitutionality of slavery. The constitution is the constitution and in so far as the courts continue to give legal sanction to unconstitutional programs we need to use the various legal and political means available to improve the court system. What sort of organizational structure is being put in place I touched on that here. To reiterate somewhat, basically what ended up being put together for the lead up to the 4th is a National Organization board of about 5 people that have spent a lot of time working on this together and trust each other and that have access to all of our accounts. And then on top of that 5-10 others that attend many of our voice conferences and whose opinion basically has equal weight if they give it, but who don't have full access, e. g. our web developer /u/winsmi, who isn't interested in having "full access" because he isn't really interested in issues outside of web development. And then we all take community feedback and talk to the local organizers (e. those of us focused more on local organizers will have conferences with various local groups, and the main Washington and NYC organizers are among those 5-10 "advisory members" of the "board") to make decisions about the National Organization programs. What kind of say do/will local chapters have on national structure and action? While this system has served its purpose adequately, it's far from ideal and we don't believe it is sufficiently democratic or transparent for a long-term organization. How we're going to be structured long-term is something we're going to determine (and change) as soon as possible after the 4th, and I'll address this question further in response to one of your other questions. We currently have the indiegogo running off of /u/scarletsaint 's PayPal which she has used for Washington as well (don't worry, we know what is coming from where), because it was already set up and was of the right account-type. Andrea has done an amazing job in Washington, invested a ridiculous amount of time and effort despite having an active career, and has gone fully public on this despite having a career and reputation to protect. And she's already been handling Washington's funding, with no objections from the others there so far. So we trust her completely. Myself and Anna ( /u/veryoriginal78) and Tyler and John, the four remaining "core" members of the national organization, also have access to the indiegogo but we wouldn't even be able to access the funds without Andrea, because they are instantly associated with the PayPal account. Andrea will forward the four of us the transaction info when she disperses from her PayPal account. And on the weekend we'll make as much of that as possible public and I'll ask her to post the spreadsheets of her PayPal account from this week. Then I'll make some kind of public post with all this info explaining what we have left, what we've spent, and where it went and why. The basic outline for the direction of funds is that contributions received by PayPal by 3pm Wednesday will be used on advertising Thursday's events, while those received after will help us set up the national organization. The "board" assigned Andrea to disperse funds and me to direct her on which actual advertising programs they go to. iirc non-PP contributions aren't accessible for a week or so, so if you want your money to go towards advertising Thursday's events try to use PayPal. Ask your friend to act as a proxy if necessary! That is in a legal, non-fradulent way;) Currently: we know it's all about them and for that reason we help them and listen to them as best we can, and we have two of them advising our "board". I know the lack of direct, first-hand power on the part of local organizations isn't ideal, but that's a product of how this structure was an emergent process, and it's why we're going to change the structure after the 4th. John, who focuses on more "internal" issues, is currently in contact with potential legal advisers who will help us choose which legal identity to take. After getting legal advice and looking at our finances, we're going to convene with the most active and successful (in terms of turnout) local organizations next week and come up with a new long-term system both parties approve of, and that will probably have a board that is at least 50% local organizers. I hope that addresses everything. Feel free to ask any follow-up questions. I gave you am up vote because that clearly took a long time to write. I'm putting this on the "quotes about /u/douglasmacarthur " list. There is no need for a protest to cost anyone, anything. We mostly agree, or at least we did for a while, but we were receiving a lot of unsolicited queries about how to donate and we figured if we could give people a channel with which to put resources towards our efforts to defend the 4th, and they wanted to, we may as well. Do Thursday's protests NEED donations? No, they absolutely will happen and would have happened regardless - or else we wouldn't have waited two and a half days before the protest to start taking them. Is donating as important as attending or promoting it on your own? NO - everyone should prioritize those. But... Will these protests get greater attendance, exposure, and effectiveness if we have the funds to increase promotion? Yes. Do we need donations if we're going to create a longer-term organization that takes part in more than just protests? Yes. The purpose of answering the question I was responding to originally was just to address concerns about structure and transparency anyway. If you feel donating isn't an effective way to contribute, we fully respect that and don't wish to pressure or even debate you on it. I hope we see you on the 4th! I know this may sound quaint. But, is anyone working on some visible flair or some kind propaganda? It is hard to advocate this issue to most people. Logos? Tshirts? Flags? Stickers? Snarky tag lines? Hashtags? Hashtag is #restorethe4th. Some marketing material like you have in mind is downloadable for you to produce on There is also some stuff we haven't put up there yet, particularly that the community or other organizations have created for us. I am going to put some of it together this evening and link-to or upload it on the site but in the meantime you can check out some of the great submissions to /r/restorethefourth or the stuff in /r/r4marketing. You should find some extra material there. I have created some (terrible) t-shirts as well, if you want one. I got mine in the mail the other day, and it wasn't too bad. Link to Thanks for doing this, I'm glad to see people doing something instead of just complaining about it online! You're welcome! I hope you will join your local protest and help market it to your friends. I always wonder how much of an impact events like this actually have. I see a lot of them that just fade away without causing much of a stir. What do you think would have to happen to actually cause a significant change to occur? There are a lot of "events like these" and they vary from each other greatly in their impact, of course. Some are more or less impactful than others. The people who wrote the fourth Amendment were essentially a protest group and were probably the most influential group of people in human history, or at the very least among them. Several things need to happen. For one, you need a broad and hopefully diverse base of support. For two, you need a concrete set of demands to define "change. " For three, you need to set up not just a protest and other promotional work, but an actual organization that will keep you in the news long-term and provide the resources for people to take direct action (i. e. legally) repeatedly and persistently. OWS and the Tea Party each brought a lot of attention to themselves at first but changed little by failing do to those three things. Groups that have had more influence - like the ACLU and the NRA - have succeeded at those three things. We have the first two and are preparing for the third. We're not going to be just another protest. We're going to make this into a much bigger deal. Do you think, given that the technology and capability exists to collect any and all of the data that modern humans emit, laws can prevent it from being collected? Yes. While new technology is a big part of this, I think its overstated. Think of how easy it would be to kill most people if you didn't care about their lives or about the consequences, and how many nukes we've built over the last 65 years without using any but those two. The world has - proportionate to population, and in terms of the long-term trend - gotten less violent over time and rights have been respected more, even as our means to be violent and to oppress eachother have gotten greater. Cultural philosophy and the rules and standards we set out for ourselves and eachother in how we relate to eachother are the variable, and have great power to make sure technology is harnessed for good instead of evil. How do you think being close to Washington has affected the organization and will effect the impact of your chapter and your protest as opposed to those in other cities? ;) I think that being close to Washington puts us in a position to be more visible than some of the other protests, and gives us the ability to engage lawmakers more effectively. I think other people see it this way as well, and that is one of the reasons Washington D. C has the biggest turnout nationwide. In the past it seems most protests were centralized. People marched to specific spots, had a leader who gave a speech, and presented an actual goal. Why? Why not the bigger push to make a stand somewhere that it means something? Why make the protest decentralized from the start? We had less than a month to organize, so we thought it would be more effective for people to organize locally. Getting everyone to D. C. in less than a month would have been difficult. We have gotten a positive reception from the media so far. We are pushing to organize something larger and more centralized in a few months. 1, 000, 000 people in front of the White House makes a bigger impact than 10, 000 people in 100 cities. Do you have 1, 000, 000 people at your command? Why do you feel the current NSA programs violate the 4th Amendment? It's pretty simple. Collecting people's private info, especially in regards to investigating criminal activity, requires a warrant or probable cause, according to the 4th Amendment. They are collecting millions and millions of Americans' info with no discretion for who, just in case they need it. Obviously they didn't have probable cause for all those people. I see a lot of people up in arms about the programs, but I haven't seen solid reasoning behind declaring it unconstitutional. I'm kind of on the fence and I only seem to be able to find hyperbole and doomsaying when the programs are discussed. I think some groups are over-complicating it or putting unnecessary aspects of their own agenda into it and making it seem like a conspiracy theory or something. It really isn't. This is a scandal no different from Watergate. Back to the difficulties of ensuring the real-world diversity of Rt4, do you think there are certain segments of the political spectrum that are, in general, more sympathetic to the "terrorist boogeyman" justification the government is using for these programs than others? I think people 30+ are a bit more likely to let that be an excuse because they were an adult during 9/11 and were 15+ during the Oklahoma city bombing so "terrorist" as an ongoing, domestic concern in the US is a lot less taken for granted to them. The other side of that is that by taking terrorism more seriously our 30+ supporters are more likely to be successful persuading others that we can fight terrorism and other security threats without violating the constitution, which we absolutely can and we intend to make that clearer and clearer. A lot of young people giggle a bit when they here a politician speak gravely of "terrorism" and I don't think that's a good thing, at least not on net. Why did you have to pick the one holiday I actually enjoy? We wanted to increase your enjoyment of it further. It's my favorite holiday too, btw, and this is the best way I've celebrated it yet. Has anyone else noticed that its like 6 organizers who just upvote each other in this thread? I'm confused. What would be wrong with upvoting eachother, and how do you know if we are or not, and why do you care? These are good questions. What exactly is the money other people have donated being spent on and who is in charge of it? Replied to the other individual. I'd like to point out local organizers are almost exclusively paying out of pocket for these things at the moment. Let me first say, I completely support what you're doing, but hypothetically speaking lets say you were successful in repealing the PATRIOT act, and several years later a terrorist detonated a nuclear bomb in the US and intel showed that maybe it could have been stopped with the PATRIOT act. Would you regret protesting it? That's a good question. I don't think I would. We're not intending to repeal the PATRIOT Act wholesale but to have specific modifications made to it, which you can check out at I am confident that these modifications would not lead to such an event. What's your favorite kind of fireworks? I like the tiny snappers. I like to snap them in between my fingers; it makes me feel powerful. The city I'm in, Dayton, has no scheduled events on it's page. The next closest city, Columbus, simply links to a reddit user's name. Are things happening there, or not? This all gives me the impression that the protests outside of DC, CA, and NY are going to be miniscule. I'm going to personally investigate the list tonight and make sure active ones that fell through the cracks are added and inactive ones are removed so people know where to go instead. So check it out again tomorrow and see what the updates are. You are right that a lot of the protests on the list are "suspicious" in terms of activity. There are more than three that will definitely have a big turnout though. There's at least 10 or so, e. the guys in Dallas and Buffalo weren't on your list but are doing a great job with marketing. My prediction is that we'll see 30-60 with a respectable turnout. Anyway, this isn't the kind of thing where we focus just on getting the biggest crowds possible. You can get a million people to a single location for a protest and accomplish nothing (and it's happened). The point is to spread the word, and you don't need a traditional "protest" to do that. You don't need to travel anywhere or use an event that is listed on the site. If there's nothing nearby, consider just downloading some of our literature and printing it off and letting some people at your local 4th of July festivities know about this thread to our privacy and to the constitution. As odd and ignorant aas this may sound... I've never been to a is my first one and I don't want to fuck it up. What am I suppose to do? This topic I posted for dc today should help you understand what to expect: Link to What suggestions do you have for gathering support from multiple stakeholder groups? For organizations in general or for you to help Rt4 gather that support? Is there any coordination with local officials on the protest? Is everyone just going to show up and then have a bad time because of police intervention? I have coordinated with local officials and we have a police liason at our event. We are also required to have marshals as well. Do you think that officials want to make it easier or harder for you to have protests? Or do they not do either? I think they, like us, want to make it easier. They don't want to have to make arrests and break out the riot gear. I think just as long as the protests remain peaceful, we shouldnt run in to any issues with the police or other officials. If necessary, will there be Restore the Fourth protests AFTER July 4th? It is necessary, and there will be. What are you hoping to see the federal government do in response? If it is hostile, are you prepared to face the possibility of the protest turning violent? And if it does become violent, are you prepared to go to jail over charges of instigating public unrest? National coordinators have been warned (by me, very early on in the movement) of the risks associated with their involvement. We know that there will be practically no response on the 5th of July. This movement and organization is prepared to keep the fight up for the long run. Are you controlled opposition? No. If we were, we'd be doing a pretty bad job of it. The local organizations are all independent so we have no power to sabotage them. If we tried they would most likely just put together another National Organization to replace us. And we've already done wide scale promotion of the core issues, which are fairly straightforward. Any advice for a UK redittor who wants to aid in the process? In addition to checking out the UK community, spread the word to your US friends! Post on their Facebook wall with links. Text them, instant message them, PM them. Ask them why you seem to care more about the future of their government, and nation, than they do. No question, just a major shoutout to /u/scarletsaint for being awesome in organizing DC's protest. I'll definitely be there! Thank you! I am really excited and we are happy to have you! Are there any organized protests in any of the southern states? There is so much unawareness of this ongoing problem here! I aim at changing that, although, I really don't know where to start! Get to Link to Some may be on the list but not active, but you can always get your friends together to hand out material at the local 4th of July celebrations. Anything a temporary expat can do? Subscribe to our social media accounts. Find the protest near where you used to live and direct your friends still in the area there. Donate Any way a Canadian can help out? Check out our indiegogo, read its description, and consider donating if you can afford it and like the sound of what we have planned. In all honesty, you picked a really bad day for this. The 4th is a huge holiday, and most people want to spend it having fun with friends and family. I think you may have even damaged the viability of putting up real opposition to the NSAs actions with this, because almost no one is going to show up and then people will be discouraged from trying. Honestly, what the hell were people thinking trying to have a huge national protest on this day? Does no one give half a thought to reality and human nature, or does everyone just live in their own idealistic fantasy lands where ideas alone are really enough to motivate people to sacrifice a rare day away from work to spend with their friends and families? I don't agree. I have been working with several other groups in D. who are now co-sponsoring our action. They have sent out emails to their email lists, which has provided us with further support and people wanting to attend. We are only planning on having the rally from 12-2 and then all of us will be going home to spend the holiday with our family and friends as well. The bottom line is that people are angry. Angry enough to come out for a couple of hours on, as you stated "one of their rare days off. " Are you for or against video surveillance? It seems far from obvious to me that publicly visible video surveillance set up on public property or voluntarily by the property owner violates the 4th amendment. So Rt4 doesn't have a position on it and probably won't. Whether it's government overstepping its bounds or are something we should want is a different question. I'd rather have the government film me in public places where I know I'm being filmed than read my email, though, that's for sure. This seems like a very polished campaign that you have launched. I don't entirely agree. The website is kind of bland and mediocre looking (hopefully will fix that today), for instance. But for a group put together by then-anonymous college aged kids in less than a month I'd say it's all more polished than one would have guessed. But one thing that concerns me is your aversion to anything that can be considered remotely 'political'. We have no such aversion. What we're avoiding is partisanship, and political issues other than the one we're fighting for. This will allow us to concentrate our efforts and to build a broader base of support. That is your entire movement seems to be on raising 'awareness' and not actually fighting for any specific changes. Enact reform this Congress to Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act, the state secrets privilege, and the FISA Amendments Act to make clear that blanket surveillance of the Internet activity and phone records of any person residing in the U. S. is prohibited by law and that violations can be reviewed in adversarial proceedings before a public court; Create a special committee to investigate, report, and reveal to the public the extent of this domestic spying. This committee should create specific recommendations for legal and regulatory reform to end unconstitutional surveillance; Hold accountable those public officials who are found to be responsible for this unconstitutional surveillance.

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